Just for Mum this Mother’s Day

As a busy mum myself, I feel those days where you are just run ragged and there’s not much time to stop and take in what’s important around us! So this year I decided to have a special Mother’s Day offer, just to give us mother’s a little reminder of why everything is all worth it. I know I also need to book myself in for some photos with my own kids!!

So if this something that you’d love to do with your children but have never found “the time” well now is your chance! If you’ve come across this post, give hubby or your partner a little nudge by sending it to them!

Your $149 session includes:
5 high resolution digital images (via download)
8×10” professional print of your favourite photo.

Session dates are Friday 26th April and Sunday 28th April at The Eternal Second Photography Studio, 2a Lambourn Rd, Watsonia. Only 6 sessions available on each day, be quick to book!!

Go to www.trybooking.com/BCCFT

Please share with special ladies in your life who would love a photography session for Mother’s Day!

Lauren x

New Beginnings

The truth be told I’m not into this whole blogging thing! Some schools of thought is that ‘you must blog for SEO’, others ‘I don’t have time’…. and it’s just a bit daunting actually! The pressure of “what do I write?”, “who want’s to read about what I think anyway?”…. However, I do want to tell you all about what’s been happening with The Eternal Second Photography!

In April 2018, with the powers of the universe on my side, I secured an office space to turn into my studio…. yay I’ve finally moved out of home, haha!  It’s located in the Watsonia Shopping Village and I have to say it’s a busy little spot here!  I think for a period it was quite hard with leasing out shop spaces but over the last few months I’ve noticed more businesses moving into the area which is fantastic!

The studio is my safe little haven.  I have all my gorgeous dresses and clothes hanging up for my kids sessions and all my newborn props, wraps, blankets, stuffers and most important my baby shh’er!!  I has such a relaxed cosy feel and I just LOVE IT!!  So please pop by and say hi! I’m here most days, mainly between school hours.  It’s been the best move and I can already see my quality of work improving each day.

Lot’s is happening in the background too.  I will be offering some great artwork options and albums that I previously haven’t.  Also, we are now on board with PayRight which is an interest free payment plan you can use to pay off your photographs to make life a bit easier.  We are also onboard with GiftRegistry.com, this is a super easy way to share your own personalised link through an app where friends/family/work colleagues can donate “gifts” money towards the cost of your session and printed photographs.  This is perfect if a friend heading on maternity leave (instead of collecting cash around the office people just go online) or if you have all your baby bits and pieces and would love a newborn session then your family can contribute towards that as your gift.

I look forward to continually showing more galleries of my clients memories, it’s going to be an exciting time ahead!

Lauren xx


Kate’s Maternity Session

What an amazing time we had shooting Kate’s maternity session.  A lot of planning had gone into this session to make it just right.  Kate brought her sister-in-law Anita with her to do her make-up and help look after 3 year old Zachary (while mummy was busy).  Anita did an amazing job with Kate’s natural style makeup, it was exactly what I was after for the shoot.  Thank you to Anita for all your input, I hope one day in the future we can work together again with more clients.

DSC_1039 DSC_1030


_TES4691 DSC_1029 DSC_1032


So with Kate’s makeup all done we were all set to get started with some photos with her 3 year old son Zachary!  Working with this age group means there is a pretty short window of time to capture images.  Zachary was terrific and did a great job giving the babies many kisses.  These images will be a beautiful memory for Kate and Shaun to look back on, and for his future siblings to see just how grown up (or how little) their big brother was when they are born.

 TES_3 _TES4741-2

 _TES4823-2 BW TES_5


TES_10 TES_11

 TES_8 TES_9 TES_7

DSC_1061 BW


We had the opportunity to have the session both inside the studio and outdoors which I absolutely love!  Mother nature put on an amazingly warm winter day for us with a little bit of breeze which was exactly what we needed to get that dress and hair flowing.

 TES_14 TES_19 TES_15


TES_20 DSC_1256 DSC_1294

After our session Kate mentioned in a message to me that she felt so beautiful during her session, that means the world to me and something that I plan to do more of…. making people feel terrific in a photograph!

It was fantastic for Kate to have the opportunity to get a little pampered and styled before the twins arrive and I’m thrilled she will have these photographs to look back on and be proud of herself and her pregnancy for carrying both babies so beautifully.

So not long to go now until the babies arrive, actually it could be any day now and I can’t wait until we get the babies in the studio for their session.

Best wishes to Kate and Shaun for when these two arrive!





The Newborn Journey


Capturing a child’s first 12 months of life is pretty magical.  The build up during pregnancy is an exciting time.

For the next 12months I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful little girl…..

“Welcome to the world little one, we are so glad you are a girl”

Stella, February 2015


“you are so perfect just as you are, we love you.”

1. newborn Layout copy

3 months

After the newborn fog is over the smiles and personality at 3 months really start to shine through.

The little things we take for granted like their heads up strong or reaching out to touch something seem like such milestones.

I clearly remember during this photo shoot how much she had grown and developed, and on her tummy holding herself up high.

Occasionally she would lose her balance and roll onto her back and we could see the shock of “what just happened?” cross her mind!


6 months

6 months on and little Stella is full of personality.

This is the age when mum and dad get involved in the photo shoot pulling faces and making funny sounds to get the attention of little one.

With Stella it only took one look at her mum Janene and she breaks into the most amazing smile.

I could tell she is so besotted and in love with that person called MUM…. one look at mum says it all!

3. 6 month layout copy

9 months

9 months old now and she is on the move!  The squeals and sounds and talking and drooling, and of course the next big milestone of sitting up, clapping and crawling!

There was always a few laughs when Stella looked at my camera and written on her face was “what on earth are you doing lady with that big black thing clicking in my face?”

A lot more curious about what is happening during this session!


4. 9 month layout


12 months

By the time the 12month photoshoot comes around my intention is to finish with a session that truly celebrates the 12 month journey from birth to 1 year old.

My heart absolutely smiles when we get together to complete the 12 month journey.  Every photography session through the whole year becomes more and more enjoyable.

Creating a beautiful collection of images for families to treasure forever is why I love begin a newborn and family photographer.

 _DSC0824 _DSC0578

5. 12 month layout

I first photographed Janene when she was pregnant with Stella. We came back to the same location for Stella’s 12 month photo session, back to where we began!

What an amazing journey it’s been capturing the first 12months months of little Stella’s life…… WELCOME TO THE WORLD STELLA, you are a little sweetheart xx

Panoramic 7x20' Layout 2


Newborn, 3, 6, 9, and 12month photography sessions

10 digital files for each session (50 digital images in total)

A beautiful album capturing the 12month journey

16×20″ Framed collage print

for more details email info@theeternalsecond.com

Isla’s journery to turning One

Written by Danielle Gray, Isla’s mum

Isla’s Story

We found out antenatally that Isla had a ‘cyst’ in her chest that would possibly affect her after birth. Her first two months were stress free however she struggled to gain weight and developed bronchiolitis on numerous occasions requiring hospitalisation and feeding tubes. The aim was to ‘fatten her up’ for the next two months before surgery. It was discovered that the cyst was on the oesophagus and was pushing her heart and lung across to the right side of her body making breathing difficult. 

IMG_0227  IMG_0222  IMG_0224  IMG_0255

Surgery occurred on 15th April 2015 at four months of age in the Royal Children’s Hospital. After 5 hours in surgery the cyst was successfully removed and Isla began her recovery. With some minor hiccups along the way, Isla came home a week later. Another few hospital admissions followed, however since 7 months of age Isla has been tube and hospital stay free! 


For me photography is writing a story with imagery.  A sequence of images can paint a thousand words, show the feelings and feel the emotions.  We all have a story to tell, we all are given unique life lessons for whatever reason, it’s just a part of the journey and hopefully though through the chaos we find the meaning and become better people.  My heart goes out to any family that are tested to their limits and find their own strength to push through another day.

I first met Danielle through a mutual friend and we had a session together when Isla was a newborn.  I remember the session clearly, photographing Isla with her two older brothers Charlie and Ollie.  Charlie being the oldest had the important job of holding his baby sister like the protective big brother I’m sure he’ll be.  Ollie, well, he kept mum on her toes just trying to get him in position so I could take a few shots, the cheeky 3 year old he is! All the while little Isla slept, comforted by the noise of everyone.

DSC_8606_bw DSC_8660 DSC_8704

I didn’t know at this stage that in Isla’s tiny little body that she had the cyst, she was the perfect little baby girl for her newborn photo shoot.

In the months after our session I bumped into Danielle on a few occasions.  The first time I mentioned to Danielle that I noticed she was “child free” at the shops however that was when Isla was in hospital and had recently been through surgery.  As a mum too I felt very much for Danielle and her family. A few months later I ran into them again this time with Isla propped up in the shopping trolley it was good to see her happy and bright as button!

Isla may have had a rough start to life but for this little girl turning 1 definitely was something to celebrate!  I love that I can give the gift of special photographs.




Isla has missed a few of her developmental milestone like crawling and walking that most babies reach in the first 12 months.  I was so amazed to see how quick this little girl bum-shuffles her way around the floor!  Her little spirit not holding her back by any means.

DSC_8208_bw DSC_8209

DSC_8210 DSC_8211


To see the smile on her face, and fairy wings to boot, this is a happy ending story.




Our lives can be turned upside down in an instant and having a beautiful portrait is about celebrating you and is important for every generation.  #existinphotos


I wish Danielle, Leon, Charlie and Ollie all the best in celebrating their daughter and sister a happy first birthday xo


“…nothing can dim the light that shines from within…”

HAPPY EASTER… hold your those special to you close and be safe over the holiday period xxx  Lauren


Happy Easter Isla, look how far you’ve come over the last year, hope those bunny ears still fit xo


Boy did we have a fun session with this little guy with first time parents Marlorn and Debbie. He had us all laughing as I was getting him into certain poses and he would latched on to his own arm like he was going to eat his arm off! He is super cute and a lovely little bub!

It was lovely meeting this beautiful little family, congratulations to you both on your gorgeous little boy Orlando!

DSC_4740_1 DSC_4742 DSC_4745 DSC_4809 DSC_4824 DSC_4841 DSC_4981 DSC_4987


I love the outdoors and to photograph outdoors is great, but to photograph a newborn outdoors is just magical to me. It’s pretty special when afternoon sun starts to settle in and the warm northerly wind blankets the baby so sleepy and content. This little girl didn’t flinch and inch being outdoors she just ‘slept like a baby’ as the saying goes! She is divine.

Babies 2 (2) Babies 2 (3) Babies 2 (4)

The Ferns-Daru Family

Not only is this a great little family they are great friends of my family. I love photographing families, getting out outdoors perhaps to a location that is new to explore! I love looking for those in between moments when they don’t know I’m still clicking away because it’s the natural connection that I seek to find. It’s when I see your daughter is so crazy happy that you can’t help but just smile at her because she’s yours, that’s what I love to capture. As a photographer, capturing that intimate connection in a family is everything.

Family Ferns-Daru   (2) Family Ferns-Daru   (3) Family Ferns-Daru   (5) Family Ferns-Daru   (4) Family Ferns-Daru   (1) Family Ferns-Daru   (6) Family Ferns-Daru   (7) Family Ferns-Daru   (8)