Hi, I’m Lauren Sandford and I am the owner and photographer of The Eternal Second Photography.  Often, I get asked, “What does The Eternal Second mean?” Well, it is that second, when I push the shutter on my camera and take that image.  That one image of your precious newborn, your child, your family is now recorded for eternity. 

My family has experienced the loss of a loved one in recent years. A young life gone too early and that has impacted myself immensely.  This experience has cemented for me ‘why’ do I do this? Why photography? And I keep coming back to ‘once the time has passed you can never go back’.  It is so important to exist in photographs. We might not feel or look our best but one day your children will want to look back and know where they’ve come from?  Sometimes we need the reminder to get out of our own way and just celebrate our family as we are today because tomorrow may not come.

I am a mum too, blessed with a son and daughter and two King Charles Cavalier fur babies.  I am fortunate enough to do what I love, I don’t like to call it “work” and I just want to take photographs and create artwork…. It’s pretty simple!   I truly adore my clients, I feel like I make new friends every time and I’m all about making those special connections with people.   I look forward to meeting you hopefully soon!   Lauren x

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