what to expect?

The Studio

The home based studio is located in Hurstbridge, Victoria. The studio is lovely and cosy, please bring a drink and snack while the session is in progress.

Session Time

Each session and baby is unique, I will be led by your baby. There will be times we will have to stop for feeds, this is normal. On average sessions take 2-3 hours. Allow 30-45 minutes for sitter sessions or portrait sessions. Family outdoor sessions usually take 1 hour to photograph.


Newborn session with Siblings

If you have booked in for a newborn session and you have older children this will be done at the start of the shoot, then family photos next. Then the rest of the session is all about your baby. It’s a good idea to take older siblings off for a walk when their photos are completed.

Newborn Posing

My posing is simple, I’m not a fan of fancy tricks or poses I just focus on creating a great portrait of your child. Your baby will let me know if he/she is uncomfortable or fussy in certain poses and that is ok, we just move on to the next set up!


I have a variety of coloured wraps, blankets and props in the studio. I love to incorporate natural textures and tones. The colour palette is carefully considered with your input in choosing what tones you wish to feature in your photographs.

Newborn Safety

Your baby’s safety is my number one priority. Your baby will never be placed in a pose or prop that isn’t secure and safe. I am fully vaccinated against whooping cough. If I am unwell your session will be rescheduled.

Family Photos

Expect to have some fun during your photoshoot. I love to get the kids climbing on logs and rolling around in the grass and we will also stop for some posed shots. A mix of ‘play and posed’. I will help you with clothing choices and give you some guidelines of what co-ordinates well. Simple, and neutral colours work best.

Studio photos

Expect to go home with not a run of the mill portrait. I love to create a fine art style with studio photoshoots but of course we work together so you are happy with the final look and feel of your portraits.